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Setting the PHP Version

When I setup your account, I put two files into the home folder (public_html):

  • index.php
  • .htaccess

The second one will contain code for configuring which version of PHP you account is using. It will look like this:


However, when you install the files for your website, the .htaccess one may get overwritten and you will lose the code. So this is how you can set the PHP version you wish to use and how to check it is working.

In cPanel, go to the “Software” settings and click on the “MultiPHP Manager” icon:


In the screenshot below, you can see at “1” that the current PHP version is set to 5.6

(click the image to see more information)

If we want to change it to 7.2 tick the box next to your site name, then select that from the dropdown box at “2” and click the “Apply” button:


You will now see the new version against your site name at “1”.


You can then re-check your .htaccess file and the code should have been added back.

To verify it is actually working, you can download this zip file from my site. Unzip it and upload the single file inside it (phpinfo.php) to the home folder. Then go to your website using the following address:


You will see all your PHP information and at the very top it should say PHP 7.2 which verifies it is set correctly.

You must then delete that file, because it is available to anyone visiting your site and contains private settings and login information about your site.

You can change your PHP version at any time using the method in this post. There is no need to upload that file again, unless you want to actually confirm the setting.