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Purpose of the Forum

The forum is here to help you find answers to the most common questions. Think of it as an interactive knowledge-base.

As more questions are asked, the pool of knowledge grows. I will be adding guides to help people get started, but that doesn’t mean I have all the answers.

While I have a lot of experience with creating websites and website accounts, that doesn’t make me an expert. There will be users here who know much more than I do. By helping others, we all benefit.

Of course, any tricky problem that needs an answer specific to the server settings, can always be passed on to the wholesaler for an answer. But, they would prefer we solve our own problems here, as much as possible. That’s why we are the retailer, and they are the wholesaler.

There are parts of the forum, such as this one, that are visible to visitors. There are also parts that are only visible to registered members. You have the choice of which ones to post in. Visitors cannot post anywhere, see attachments or view member profiles.

Anyone is free to join the forum, but I reserve the right to remove members who do not have a hosting account with us, if I feel they are merely here to cause trouble. I don’t intend to write a bunch of rules that nobody will read. Basic commonsense is all that is required. Play nice and you will be fine.

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