About This Site

AussieHi and welcome to this website. My name is Graham and I live in Western Australia. Hence the nickname Aussie.

This site is not the actual sales site, but more of an information and support one. There are two separate sites for ordering the hosting itself.

For Reseller accounts, there is Agreed Hosting and for Single Site hosting, there is Web Chunks. You can read more about each one from the links in the menu above.

I have been making websites since 1998 and have used many hosting companies over that time.

In June 2019, cPanel changed how they charged for their licenses, massively increasing the costs for hosting companies. My hosting fee not only increased, but the number of cPanel accounts I could have on a reseller account was cut from unlimited to 10.

I began looking for alternatives, but the price increases had hit all hosting companies. So I then looked into buying my own server resources and hosting my sites myself.

In the end, I managed to create a partnership with a wholesaler in the USA who offered to sell me bulk resources for servers in the US, UK and Singapore.

One thing led to another and I saw the potential to offer these resources to others. This meant I could act as an independent hosting provider, selling individual plans to customers, while being backed by a wholesaler who has been in this business since 2008.

The hosting industry is a cut-throat one, with many big name companies and literally thousands of smaller ones.

I needed to offer something different if I was to bring in customers. Firstly, I needed to keep costs down, which is why I decided to do everything manually. That saves me hundreds of dollars each year, which means I can pass that on as lower plan fees.

Secondly, I needed to highlight the fact that I can provide hosting from the three data centres, meaning customers can choose the server closest to them.

But what I really wanted to offer was a closer support relationship between myself and my customers.

Hosting should not be a “set and forget” process. There are always new problems cropping up and different people have different levels of technical skill. Cost is important, but support is even more important.

So that is what this site is about. The two sales sites handle the purchase and provisioning side of things. They also have a ticketing system for support.

But this site has a forum, which can become an ever growing knowledge pool. Better still, the forum is available 24/7, for customers to read or post in.

Not everyone will be prepared to wait for me to set up their new hosting account or answer support questions. People expect instant help nowadays. But most hosting companies do not want to spend too much time helping customers. While their help may be quick, it will often also be for critical problems only.

When it comes to in-depth problems or difficult migration issues, then they suddenly go quiet. So, that is my marketing niche, if you like. Low prices, choice of server location and the willingness to spend time helping customers sort out problems.

If you can wait for me to be online, or to answer my WhatsApp phone number, then the inconvenience of maybe 12 hours or so may be far less important than the partnership we can develop. I certainly hope and believe so.