Domain Registration Now Available

Own your domain name plus bonuses

You can now register domain names for my hosting through my OrderBox account, a service offered by logicboxes.

This was something I had been unable to provide until now, because of the hoops you have to jump through to become a domain name reseller with someone like NameCheap or GoDaddy.

LogicBoxes makes it a much simpler process for me and the site they provide to do so doesn’t cost me anything. This means I don’t have to pass on any costs as increased prices on my hosting plans.

I haven’t white-labelled the site with its own domain name, as I’m not selling any of their hosting, so it is an unnecessary cost that involves using an expensive wildcard SSL certificate.

Domain Pricing
Their wholesale pricing is quite competitive and I have set my retail margin at a fixed 10%. You pay for the domain through the same PayPal account I use for my hosting. By the time they take out their fees, there’s not much left of the 10%.

Private WHOIS protection is charged separately, which is common with most registrars, except NameCheap as far as I know. But you can offset the cost by utilising the bonus email accounts.

Free Email Accounts
When you register a domain name, you get two free 100MB webmail accounts. These can be quite a good idea, because they separate your email from your hosting.

If your website goes down for any reason or is hacked, then all your emails are safe, because they are not hosted on your site. Normally, you would need to pay for these types of email accounts through someone like Zoho, but you are getting them for free.

Paid Email Accounts
In addition to the two free ones, you can purchase 5GB Business or 25GB Enterprise ones. They are very reasonably priced and could be used for your heavy traffic, letting the free ones handle such things as contact messages.

SSL Certificates
The third product you can buy is a range of SSL certificates. While your hosting comes with free AutoSSL certificates, you may require the extra encryption protection and liability backing provided by companies such as Comodo.

There are four types available, depending on your needs. As mentioned, the wildcard one can protect all your sub-domains under the one certificate. Prices are very competitive and about average for the market.

Reseller Program
You can even sign up under me and become a reseller yourself. You could then sell all their products, including hosting.

It costs nothing to join and everything is done automatically, including activating the hosting. Compared to the quality of the hosting I offer, it is far less quality, but the instant activation may attract customers. Of course though, you have to answer any support questions, as LogicBoxes doesn’t get involved.

Summing Up
The primary reason I opened the OrderBox account was to provide you with a place to register domain names for my hosting. The two free email accounts are a bonus that not only offset the WHOIS protection fee, but also give you separation between your email and hosting.

If you want the cheapest domain name fees, with free WHOIS, then I still recommend you use NameCheap. The main difference between using me or another registrar is, you know I would be looking after any issues you have, not someone you don’t know.

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