How Much Storage and Bandwidth Do I Need?

You may be surprised how little you need.

In my previous post, I busted the myth of hosts offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth. In this post, I will take a look at how much you actually need to host a website.

I will use a WordPress installation as an example, because this is the most common platform people use when making sites. I will use my Starter plan for the hosting, which offers 5GB of disk space and 40GB of monthly bandwidth.

Let’s take a look at some information you can see from your cPanel:

New vs Active installation

In the image on the left, I have installed WordPress (actually ClassicPress) and not added any new content. You can see it is using around 35MB of disk space.

The image on the right, is for this website and is using around 85MB of space. Keep in mind that includes the forum and blog, and the extra code necessary to run the Elementor page builder. You can see that has also increased the size of the MySQL database. The bandwidth is for two week’s use.

What is plain to see from these images is, you don’t actually need much disk space at all. In fact, for most WordPress websites, the 500MB I have allowed is more than enough. So my 5GB plan is quite capable of handling this type of site, and you would most likely never get anywhere near needing that amount.

As you can see, I have only allowed this site 2GB of monthly bandwidth. In fact 90% of websites use less than 5GB per month. So you are never going to need the 40GB that I offer in my plan. But don’t take my word for it, check the facts here.

So, let’s do a little bit of maths and see what your site might need:

Page Size

This image is part of the information you can get using sites such as GTmetrix¬†and tells us quite a bit about how your site is behaving. The figure I want to use is the one for the “Total Page Size”, which for my home page is 575KB.

By compressing any images you want to use on your pages, before uploading them, this is about average for page size. There is no need to use large, high resolution images on websites. They slow your page down and are wasted on monitors.

Using this figure, I will take a site that has 100 blog posts. This means you will need 100 X 0.575MB or 57.5MB of disk space. Throw in a few pages and round the figure up to 60MB.

If 1000 people visited your site during the month, and read every blog post, then you would need 1000 X 60MB or 60,000MB (60GB) of bandwidth.

But realistically, people are only going to read your latest posts. Let’s assume they all read your last 10. Then you would need 10 X 0.575MB X 1000 or 5,750MB (5.7GB) of bandwidth.

Now you can see why 90% of sites only need 5GB of bandwidth each month. With my plan, you have 40GB, which you can now see is more than enough.

Remember, this is my Starter plan, my smallest and cheapest! There are 7 more to choose from if you need them.

Hopefully, I haven’t fried your brain with maths. The gist of it is, you don’t need as much disk space and bandwidth as you may have thought.

Not only is the claim of unlimited disk space and bandwidth a myth, but you don’t need to pay exorbitant prices for large plans. If you are running an e-commerce site with lots of products, then you will need a larger plan. That’s why I offer them.

The best idea is to buy the smallest plan you need at first, and only upgrade to a larger one if your cPanel is showing you are getting close to your limits for the plan each month.

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