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‘Host With Aussie’ launches as a freelance hosting provider.

Until now, my reseller hosting site Agreed Hosting and my shared hosting site Web Chunks, were not connected in any way. By making this site, I can have a single one for promotion. I also moved the forum here and simply link to it from both sites.

This site also has a blog for news and articles. So, it is a central place for both promotion and support, and can make it easier when I can only use one link in advertising.

With the recent change to cPanel licensing fees, it is important to let people know my hosting still uses WHM for reseller accounts and cPanel for shared hosting. With some hosting companies moving to DirectAdmin or other management panels, customers need to know they can continue to use WHM and cPanel here.

I also wanted a place to market myself as an independent, freelance hosting provider. With thousands of small hosting companies to compete with, I think it is important to let people know that I source my resources from a reliable wholesaler, who has been in this business since 2008.

While I may be the new kid on the block, my supplier is not. If I shut down, customers won’t be left homeless, because the wholesaler will help them find a new home.

Because there are so many small hosts to choose from, I needed to promote why they should choose my hosting. Trying to attract customers simply by undercutting fees is not going to work and is unsustainable. So, I have decided to concentrate on support as my niche.

Cost is only one aspect of hosting, and not all that important in the long term. What customers want, is to be reassured that they can get help when they run into a problem. Everyone has a different level of technical skill and some issues will take more explanation than others. Hosting companies cannot spend too much time on one problem. Their response time may be quicker than mine, but it will usually also be less detailed.

While both of my sites have a contact form and a support ticket system, as well as a WhatsApp phone number, the forum here is available 24/7 and can become an ever growing pool of knowledge. Visitors can read about past issues and how they were solved and customers can post new ones. It can become a good, community meeting place.

In the cut-throat world of web hosting, you need to be offering something better than the others. Besides my low prices and choice of three data centres, ongoing and in-depth support is what my focus will be. I hope you too feel that is important enough to sway your decision in my direction.

Of course, I also offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee if you decide my hosting is not right for you. I will also help you migrate your existing sites over, even if they were not on cPanel accounts, something hosts don’t like doing.

Please wander around this site and my two sales sites, I’m confident you will find something suitable for your needs. 

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  1. Yes, I can help you switch from WordPress to ClassicPress or install it from scratch for you at no cost. This site was actually built using ClassicPress.


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